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CMS.950: Comparative Media Studies Workshop I

Fall 2007

Instructor: Nick Montfort, nickm at nickm dotcom, writingnick, 14N-233
TA: Greg Dancer, filmduck at mit dotedu
Class meets 11:30am-3:30pm Wednesdays, GAMBIT, N25-372
Screenings/playings are 5pm-7pm most Mondays, the Trope Tank, 14N-233
Office hours (in person or by IM) by appointment

Full syllabus [PDF]. This version is from October 10.

Sep 5 - The Screen Saver

Sep 10 - Screening/playing: Early console & computer games

Sep 12 - The Video Game I

Sep 19 - The Video Game II

Sep 26 - The Video Game III

Oct 1 - Screening/playing: Editions/versions of Pac-Man

Oct 3 - The Video Game IV

Oct 9 - Special opportunity

Oct 10 - The Video Game V: Critiques

Oct 15 - Screening/playing: Introduction to Books

Oct 17 - The Book I

Oct 22 - Screening/playing: InDesign Workshop in the New Media Center, 26-139

Today we have an exercise - unusual for a screening day, but this is the only time when we could get into the room with InDesign on all the computers. We will design and lay out a small, self-cover book (text: Edgar Allan Poe's "The Philosophy of Furniture"). Use the linked text, from the Poe Society; it seems to be of highest quality. You'll just need to remove the page numbers (in bold). If you open it in Safari you'll be able to copy the text with formatting. Lay out a folio book (two pages on each side of your 8.5" x 11" sheet) without any illustrations but with a title page and with some thought to how the main text shold begin. Choose a font and margins. You can do imposition (conversion into a printer's spread) using an option on the InDesign file menu.

Example layout: InDesign, PDF. Printed duplex, this will fold into a booklet with correct pagination. There is (at least) one error in here: At the bottom of page four, the justified block of type switches to ragged right. Do you prefer the text typeset one way or another?

Oct 24 - The Book II

Oct 29 - Screening/playing: Multilinear books

Oct 31 - The Book III

Nov 5 - Screening/playing: Book potluck

Nov 7 - The Book IV: Critiques

Nov 14 - The Music Video I

Nov 19 - Screening/playing: The 1980s

Nov 21 - The Music Video II

Nov 26 - Screening/playing: The 1990s

Nov 28 - The Music Video III

Dec 3 - Screening/playing: The 2000s (With some time for discussion of projects in their final stages)

Dec 5 - The Music Video IV: Critiques

Dec 12 - Revision studio