Publications about Curveship

These publications document research advances that have been made and the overall approach of Curveship, but only the publications from after 2010 use the current terminology and reflect the most important details about how the system currently works.

Montfort, Nick, Ardalan SadeghiKivi, Joanne Yuan, and Alan Y. Zhu. “Using Referring Expression Generation to Model Literary Style.” Proceedings of the Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Digital Humanities (NLP4DH), pp. 64–74, December 19, 2021.

Montfort, Nick, Erik Stayton, and Andrew Campana. “Expressing the Narrator’s Expectations.” Intelligent Narrative Technologies 7: Papers from the 2014 Workshop, pp. 24–30, June 17, 2014.

Montfort, Nick, Rafael Pérez y Pérez, D. Fox Harrell, and Andrew Campana. “Slant: A Blackboard System to Generate Plot, Figuration, and Narrative Discourse Aspects of Stories.” Proceedings of the International Conference on Computational Creativity (ICCC) 2013, Sydney, 12-14 June 2013. [Curveship’s text generator is used as part of the large-scale system Slant.]

“An Interactive Fiction System for Narrative Variation.” In New Narratives: Stories and Storytelling in the Digital Age. Edited by Ruth Page and Bronwen Thomas. University of Nebraska Press, 2011.

Montfort, Nick. “Curveship’s Automatic Narrative Style.” Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on the Foundations of Digital Games (FDG ’11), pp. 211-218, Bordeaux, France. 29 June-1 July 2011.

Mani, Inderjeet. The Imagined Moment: Time, Narrative and Computation. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2010. [pp. 188-190 discuss Curveship, referred to by its original name, “nn.”]

Gervás, Pablo. "Computational Approaches to Storytelling and Creativity." AI Magazine, pp. 49-62, Fall 2009. [pp. 56-58 discuss Curveship, referred to by its original name, “nn.”]

Wardrip-Fruin, Noah. Expressive Processing: Digital Fictions, Computer Games, and Software Studies. Cambridge: MIT Press, 2009. [pp. 292-295 discuss Curveship, referred to by its original name, “nn.”]

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