Amazing Quest * Introduction

AMAZING QUEST * Introduction

The prologue says all that needs to be said about your situation: Victorious at last, you now need to get yourself and your fleet back home.

In some other games you can type in any sort of command. In Amazing Quest you are posed with yes or no questions. If you type anything beginning with 'N' or 'n', this means “no,” while anything else (including just pressing RETURN by itself) means “yes.”

The action that comes to mind at each stop in your journey reflects your experience and guile. Something inclines you toward that action.

However, these questions also present you with what is known as a “torn choice.” You could reasonably decide one way or the other. If you are contemplating a raid, and it seemed obvious that you should do it, you wouldn't even be pondering the question. You would already be raiding! If you're wondering about whether to offer the gods a sacrifice, it must seem like a good idea, but perhaps there is little in your ships' holds to offer. There must be some reason you are pondering each decision.

To succeed, it is important to get into the right cultural mindset. Which sorts of places are suspect, and potentially dangerous? Which are most propitious? Should a fortified city intimidate you, or are the inhabitants just being sensible, given their surroundings, and would they welcome a peaceful visitor? Once you develop an answer to these sorts of questions, you are in a better position to make choices.

Amazing Quest is likely to be at least somewhat frustrating at first. If you allow your imagination to help you elaborate each stop on your journey, and if you truly get into the mindset of the returning wanderer, Amazing Quest will offer you rewards as you play it again and again.

Amazing Quest * Thanks


Thank you, Frank DeMarco, Clara Fernandez-Vara, Jesper Juul, and Lee Tusman!

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