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Digital Intercourse

computers & literature collide
19 Nov 2001

thanks to all involved for a great reading
in a never-before-attempted format!

The New School - 66 West 12th Street - Orozco Room

Monday 6pm-8pm

Shelley Jackson reads from Patchwork Girl

Adam Cadre reads from Varicella

Nick Montfort reads from ...

The Ed Report (by William Gillespie & Nick Montfort)
and Winchester's Nightmare: A Novel Machine

Wiresight, a not-for-profit organization founded by Scott Ambrose Reilly and Mary McBride, is proud to announce its first reading of interactive fiction. You may be wondering what exactly interactive fiction is ...

On Monday, November 19 at DIGITAL INTERCOURSE, authors read from and discussed their computer-based works, giving a few examples of what literature on the computer can be.

This event was produced in conjunction with the New School Graduate Writing Program.

Wiresight, Inc., a not-for-profit producing organization, has been established to promote the birth of the next generation of digital art and entertainment by positioning artists at the center of the process. Through a series of integrated online and offline programs, Wiresight provides artists with the necessary support to experiment and develop new approaches to evolve the Internet into an engaging medium for arts, entertainment, and communication. For more information on Wiresight:

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