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Miscellaneous Materials

“Free (Libre) Software: Practices and Politics,” (Slides as ODP) (Slides as PDF), ELO Conference 2023, Overcoming Divides, Coimbra, Portugal, July 14, 2023.

Older writing of mine. This only includes work available on the site or (at some point) available on the Web which I did before 2005.

Vox — other people's work — with speeches on computer literature by Robert Pinsky and Robert Coover and a paper by Bertrand Gervais and Anick Bergeron.

STREAM, a literary anthology I edited and designed in 1995.

Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted, an easily-browsed version of this 1901 dream dictionary that my Hypermedia class at the University of Baltimore developed in 2002.

Writing done at the 2/12 Palindrome Workshop at the Kelly Writers House, led by Mike Maguire and William Gillespie.

An invitation to Composing: Harry Mathews’s Words and Worlds and some information about this exhibit, which I curated for Penn’s main library in the summer of 2004.

Materials from my studies at Penn in the CIS department. I defended my PhD there in summer 2007.

Des Imagistes, the first Web edition of the founding anthology of Imagism. My CMS Workshop I class edited and designed this in 2008.

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