> Twisty Little Passages

Twisty Little Passages

An Approach to Interactive Fiction
by Nick Montfort

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(February 22, 2005) The paperback edition has been published and is in bookstores.

(October 25, 2004) Many people have reviewed Twisty Little Passages over the last year. Most recently, I noticed a very positive review by Steven Malliet in Image & Narrative. I'm very grateful to those who took the time to comment on the book, even when they felt there were some shortcomings. Of course I appreciate the praise, too.

(April 16, 2004) Twisty Little Passages was reviewed on Slashdot today. I'm also getting ready for the talks at UCLA at in Burlington, mentioned below.

(March 19, 2004) I spoke at Brown University about Twisty Little Passages exactly a month ago, as part of E-FEST 2004. In another month, I'll speak about interactive fiction, and about the book's approach, at UC's Narr@tive conference at UCLA (April 22-23) and at the SSNL's Narrative conference at the University of Vermont (April 24).

(December 31, 2003) Twisty Little Passages was selected for the Jan/Feb 2004 Book Sense 76, a list of books recommended by independent booksellers! Thanks to Caleb Wilson of Davis-Kidd Booksellers, Nashville, TN, for nominating the book.

(December 31, 2003) Several sites, ranging from Booklounge to Wigged Productions to the website of the Electronic Literature Organization to El Tao de Internet, have featured the book or news of the book's release on their home page.

(December 31, 2003) Thanks to Kieth at the Penn Book Center for coming to sell Twisty Little Passages at the launch party for the book, and thanks to the Penn Department of Computer and Information Science for hosting the party in Levine Hall on 3 Dec 2003.


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