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Twisty Little Passages

An Approach to Interactive Fiction
by Nick Montfort

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In "Secondary Sources" I cited more than 100 sources on the Web; trying to track the status of all of these would be difficult and probably not very useful. I'll attempt, however, to list the URLs of the most important resources that have moved since the book was sent to press.


Since only the translator's nickname appeared in Fotopia, I only included that nickname, Zak, when I mentioned who translated Photopia into Spanish. Zak also translated the Inform libraries into Spanish as InformATE. His name, which is listed on Baf's Guide, in the Inform Designers' Manual, and in other places, is José Luis Díaz.


Thanks to Adam Cadre, Adam Atkinson, Stephen Granade, Andrew Plotkin, Rob Wheeler, Jonathan Vaughan, Amrys Williams, A. Deubelbeiss, and Kevin Jackson-Mead for corrections. Please let me know (my address is "nickm" at this domain) if there are any important updates or errors that I have missed. —nm

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