A Curveship-py Example: Adventure in Style

I've been explaining Curveship-py for more than a decade as Adventure (by Will Crowther and Don Woods) combined with Exercises in Style (by Raymond Queneau). Adventure in Style is an attempt to combine these two intriguing productions quite directly: the content of the former and the conceit of the latter.

Adventure in Style can be won the same way as the original Adventure; I may have left out a pirate and a few dwarves and some ways of dying, which I'll no doubt want to add later. In the meantime, you can wander around Adventure's cave and change the way the system narrates. This is done using an object that you will no doubt want to keep with you in your adventures. This fiction/game provides the most extensive simulated word and a connection to the history of interactive fiction. Admittedly, it doesn't feature numerous events happening in a single turn (as Lost One does) and doesn't otherwise refashion the usual turn-based interaction to take advantage of Curveship-py's capabilities. But I hope it is nevertheless fun and instructive.

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